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Free Shipping Reviews: Return after Return

FreeShipping.com is probably one of the best things to ever occur in my life. No, seriously, I’m telling the truth! Why is this? It’s very, very cheap – only costing under $13 per month. I don’t have to drive anywhere to buy things (yes, I’m very lazy), and there’s a 30-day free trial period. If you don’t believe me and think this website is just another scam, or a rip-off, well think again buddy. They have been around for about 10 years already and have followed very good business practices. The best part about their service is the return policy. For each return you make, you’re not paying a single dime, meaning more money in your pocket to do whatever you want.

The money I save from the website’s return policy goes primarily towards buying gifts for my girl. I’m madly in love with that woman (Yes, I said the ‘L’ word), and would do anything for her. Being the man that I am, I have to give her absolutely the best. Any dude would do the same for his girlfriend. The problem is, she never likes the gifts I buy her. It really stresses me out because I just want her to be happy. As a result, I end up returning gifts all the time, only to buy new ones. Because of this, I am thankful that there is no charge for returning merchandise that she doesn’t like. Phew!

I’ve had my share of complaints about my girlfriend but I haven’t had any FreeShipping.com complaints. It’s very reliable, never lets me down, and it always makes me happy. In an odd sort of way, I feel like this website is the glue that holds my relationship together!